White Kidney Beans

11 Apr

White Kidney Beans


Before I worked for a food company, my knowledge about white kidney beans are still stayed in the memory of my grandmother’s secret desert “Ice-sugar kidney bean cake” (Cook Book)


(Kidney bean cake)


(Kidney bean cake 2)









Such a wonderful taste was never appeared again after she passed away when I was 12 years old. It is a very important part of my childhood’s memory. I always remember my grandmother when I see the kidney bean cakes made by the others.

Brief introduction and nutrition facts:

White Kidney beans have the biggest size in all kinds of beans. It’s about 21 mm long and about 9.5 mm thick. It is several times bigger then soy beans. The protein content in 100g White Kidney Beans is about 23.1g, at least 19.94% by weight. It is 5%~10% higher then wheat, 12% higher then maize. And 56.9g Carbohydrate was contained per 100g white kidney beans. It also contains more amino acids and several minerals such as calcium, phosphorus iron. The content of Vitamin B1, B2 is much higher then soybean and wheat. The white kidney beans are also widely used in food manufacturing application such as canned foods.


Healthcare value:

As to the medicinal value, white kidney beans are used for replenishing vital essence to tonify the kidney and spleen, promote digest, stop diarrhea and act as assuasive to anxiety emotions. It has certain curative effect on stomach and cold vomiting, injuries from falls, panting cough, back pain, neuralgia and pediatric whooping cough. White kidney beans contains mineral sodium, it is wonderful diet for cardiopath, hyperpietic and avoid salt patients.

I will give my grandmother’s recipe “Ice-sugar kidney bean cake” in my cook book soon. But I believe no one can make the same magic taste as she did.


Late night, April 11, 2011

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